A Synopsis

The Break of Dawn

This is a story of one night. A story of one girl with nowhere to go. Of stars and of loneliness – of strangers, joy and unabashed wonder. One woman, a projector, some handmade props and a myriad of lights; gentle, whimsical comedy by 1/3 of comic trio A Lot of Bread. This is Dawn’s story.

Well, that’s the official story anyway. But this here – this blog – this is the truth. It is the way, the truth and the light, but not in a blasphemous way.

“So, what’s this ‘The Break of Dawn’ about anyway? Your snappy 290 character long blurb is fantastic but it doesn’t explain the storyline.” I hear you say. Well, I’m here to rectify …

Dawn’s life is dull. She eats dull food, has a dull job, a dull apartment and a dull existence. She isn’t intrinsically dull herself, she just lets dull things happen to her. But today is different. Today things are skew-whiff. She’s late to work, which never happens; her computer crashes, which never happens; she misses her tram, which rarely happens; and her flatmate locks her out, which hasn’t ever happened before but it’s really not that surprising.

So, Dawn’s stuck outside for the night. She has no friends to turn to (see: dull existence) and her family’s interstate (see: South Australia) so she does what any right-minded person would do: she wanders.

She wanders and meanders and rambles and jaunts and as she does so she meets three strangers, emphasis on the strange (see: what I did there).

  1. An inner-city farmer who harvests birds.
  2. An old man who’s been sending her letters.
  3. A man who looks at the stars.

Ooo, I’ve gone all ambiguous but I’ll let you in on a secret … one of them’s a puppet. Made of wood.

‘The Break of Dawn’ is the story of one night and a whole load of redemption. It’s feelgood, trust me.

So join me, my computer, a projector, a projection screen, some lights, some props, a puppet and a beautiful soundtrack and let me tell you a story.


~ by dawnstory on September 24, 2009.

5 Responses to “A Synopsis”

  1. Interesting! Will the grumpy old man still have a knob on top?

  2. That would be appropriate, especially if the grumpy old man is the inner-city farmer who harvests birds.

  3. Will he be a grumpy man with grumpy worn-out slippers, or will he have those shiny boots? One’s footwear can speak volumes!

  4. Is he a dapper, bow tie sort of man? A blue one with stars? I worked in Albuquerque where Bolo ties (or bootlace ties) are the go. As you seem to be working on a shoestring budget this may be the way for you to go!

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